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To help you find your family history

The aim of is to bring together numerous links to websites which offer information for those researching UK genealogy - most of the links provide freely accessible information.

Unlock your ancestry using the wide range of sources on the internet which include birth, marriage and death records (aka BMD), census records, parish register transcriptions, maps, trade/street directories and much, much more - all helpful sources for you to put together your family tree.

See our 'Getting Started' guide for some basic steps.

Your ancestry consists of much more than just the branches of your family tree - it's about the people in your family tree, their lives and stories - all much more than just a list of names and dates.

Discovering our ancestry will provoke a large number of questions - What job did they do ?, What was their life like?, How/Where did they live ?, If they emigrated, why? and many, many more.

You'll want to know the full story, the story that created our family as it is today.

Hopefully the links and information presented here will help you build you family history.

The COUNTY search facility, will show the resouces available for a specific county, the options under the SOURCES tab of the main menu will show a particular type of resource for all counties.


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Only selected county
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